Bärenhöhle (bear's cave, tales from)

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2020-05-30: T-3 hours until the meeting at Launchpad Bernice

2020-03-13: What the heck happened to Babylon Berlin? Seasons 1 and 2 were so interesting, while season 3 has …

2019-12-19: Attending my first Neuse River Vally train club meeting. Should be interesting. #modeltrains

2019-12-14: Wreath laying on veteran’s graves was very well attended, and many wreaths were laid. Very nice.

2019-11-12: A brisk morning.

2019-10-31: October 31st and it is 83 degrees out. How ridiculous.

2019-10-27: 1700 on 28 October and it is 81 degrees, and humid! What da heq?

2019-10-26: Al’s Fries… check!


2019-10-19: 1130 (60.2F). Back with Elizabeth for Colloidal Silver class

2019-10-19: 0900 Sat (47F). Stills and Hygiene with Cowboy

2019-10-19: Two doe ambling through just across the creek from me

2019-10-19: 0722 Saturday. 42.7 F and time to make the coffee

2019-10-18: Dinner complete. Dishes washed. Campfire started. Coffee heating. Cigar lit. Good to go

2019-10-18: Soap class is concluded. Now back at the den having a pipe and watching for deer.

2019-10-18: Quick mug of Cheerios for lunch and now Soapmaking with Elizabeth

2019-10-18: Communications class

2019-10-18: That was the most amazing outdoor cooking class I’ve ever seen. The pizza was phenomenal.

2019-10-18: 0900 Outoor cooking with Elle Mental

2019-10-18: 0843 (41.2F) Just finished breakfast of Oat Crunch Cinnamon Cheerios in Nixon milk. Teeth brushed, …

2019-10-18: 0730 (41F). Certainly not the best night of sleep ever, but the coffee water is on. Time for some …

2019-10-17: 2222 (49F). Time to crawl into the blanket and read a bit before sleepy time in the den.

2019-10-17: 2024 (53F) - Having some Waka instant coffee by the fire. Reading on the Kindle.

2019-10-17: Sitting by the fire, cigar in hand. Very peaceful. Just need some mead to complete the scene.

2019-10-17: 1900 - Campfire starting up

2019-10-17: 1845 - Checked in and received packet

2019-10-17: 1845 (59F) - Dinner of Salisbury Steak w/ potato slices and some Red-Eye Gravy grits.

2019-10-17: 17:00 - 63F and sunny, though the trees block much of the sunlight from hitting the ground. Chair …

2019-10-17: 15:30 - roof is on

2019-10-17: 15:15 - Yes my is up, sleeping pad inflated, water location identified. Progress.

2019-10-17: The morning has arrived. Somehow I’ve managed to cram all that crap into the sleigh. The …

2019-10-16: Now just about T-24 hours from the official time to head out. Of course, the closer we get to the …

2019-10-15: A mere T-48 hours until the PrepperNet Bugout 2019. Excitement is building.